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The Blessing Giver ARC Team

ARC Reviews


There are many options for getting advanced reviews on new works, but I would much rather give advanced copies of the book to friends and fans than random people on a review site! By signing up below, you will:

E-book Reviewers

  • Receive an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of "The Blessing Giver" in May.

  • Be committing to read the e-book in its entirety before the June 5th

  • Leave an honest review on Goodreads or Bookbub (whichever account you have, or both if possible!), AND Amazon (links to review sites will be sent out on release day). These reviews must be completed within 24 hours of receiving the links.

Audio Reviewers

  • Receive a code to listen to the audiobook ad-free by downloading from my website

  • Listen to the book.

  • Leave reviews on Audible, Amazon, AND either Goodreads or Bookbub (whichever account you have - both if possible!) within two weeks of receiving your code.

  • Bonus - leave a comment on the YouTube video!

Are you in?

Their magic is divided. Protected with a purpose.


Some see light…

Some see only darkness…


In order to uphold a delicate balance of power, the two bloodlines shall never mix.


Paladin never thought much of being a Balancer. It was what he was born to be; it was his destiny. But, when he finally accepts his consecration and awakens his power, he discovers destiny has other plans…


Rayelle has taken longer than most Blessing Givers to reach her consecration and receive her sight. She’s dedicated her entire life to the Prophecy and Order. There is no other way, only the way of the Goddess.


But when Paladin is banished from his enclave, Rayelle sees a vision she can’t purge from her mind. 


Mixed blood. Forbidden. 


Fate has thrown Paladin and Rayelle together for a reason, but the more questions Rayelle asks, the further she falls from the truth she’s been taught.


If the Order is right about him…her heart is dangerously wrong. 


The Blessing Giver is an enemies-to-lovers, tantalizing forbidden romance. For fans of Sarah J. Maas and Jennifer Armentrout, this new fantasy series will leave you breathless. 

Content: there is more intimacy in this series than in my sweet romance. It's still fade-to-black but with much more description of the physical intimacy between characters. Steamy, but no spice (explicit description). 

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