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Online Piano Tutorials

Wondering what lessons are offered? Click below!

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How does it work?

Once you have been placed in (or decided on) an appropriate level, you will see that there are videos to help guide you through songs of your choice. I offer one 15 min evaluation if requested to assist in placing you in the correct level. In the beginner levels, you will work through the books in order. If you are in the Royal Conservatory curriculum, you will pick and choose songs that will help you master different styles and techniques. Through the RCM books, you will also have access to online resources. At the back of your Repertoire and Etudes books you will see a code for online access. You will need to go to to create an account and then add your codes. This will allow you to listen to professional recordings of the songs.


For each level, there is a technique page that shows you what scales you should be learning at each level and how fast you should be able to play them (evenly and with confidence). Check this page and work through the scales, triads, and other technical requirements by watching the videos on my technique page. 


There is also a recommended theory book that accompanies each level. Each week you should be doing a few pages of theory, working on one scale and it's accompanying triads, arpeggios, etc. and then working on one to two pieces until they are mastered. Then move on to the next!

Once you have completed all of the technique, the theory book, and at least 2-3 songs in each category for that level (List A, B, C, and Studies), you are ready to move up to the next level.

What are my first steps?

Your first steps are to decide on a level, either by requesting a free evaluation or looking through the curriculum and lesson descriptions. Once you are placed, you will need to purchase the appropriate books and subscribe to the appropriate level on this site. That will give you access to your lessons. Even if your books haven't arrived, you can begin practicing scales and learning other musical basics on the Review Resources and Technique pages. Once your books arrive, you can start on your songs! In the beginner level, you'll be working through the book from beginning to end. Once you are in the Royal Conservatory books, you may pick and choose which songs you'd like to play. See the FAQ page to read more about progressing from one level to the next.  

Are online lessons right for me?

Obviously, working one-on-one with a teacher each week is going to be the easiest way to make progress. It's also the most time-consuming and expensive. I created these lessons to assist those families that may not have time or money to spare at the moment. If you are considering online lessons for these or other reasons, I would recommend that you ask yourself these questions:

- If I am enrolling a younger beginner, am I willing to watch with them and assist in their practice? If not, can they read and interpret information well?

- If I am enrolling an older child, can I help them set up a regular practice schedule and give them regular access to the videos and sites they will need? Is my child good at setting goals and asking for help?

If the answers to these questions are "yes", this will likely be a good fit. If you are willing to stick to a regular practice schedule or help your child do so, you will be successful!

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