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Which books do I buy?

Once you have decided on a level, you will need to purchase the Repertoire book, the Etudes book, AND the Theory book for that grade. I also recommend purchasing the Four Star Ear and Sight book for daily exercises to supplement your pieces. These can be purchased in a set. If you haven't done much theory in the past, I also highly recommend purchasing lower level theory books and working your way up (ie: begin at Grade 1).

Which level should I be in?

I offer a one-time 15 minute skype assessment with every Intermediate/Advanced subscription. This allows you to show me where you are at so that we can get you in the correct level. If you prefer not to meet, I recommend looking inside the books or comparing the difficulty level of pieces within each book to those you have played. Remember, though, the goal is not simply learning notes. We are working on technique, style, and rhythm which are often more difficult to master than notes! When in doubt, start a level lower than you think and then move up.

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