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The perfect gifts!

Let's Try This Again.jpg

Three months. One contract. Will it be enough to save a marriage of twenty-eight years?

Walter Winslow thoroughly enjoyed his orderly and predictable life. He left for work at exactly the same time each day, ate the same thing for lunch, and returned home to revel in the comfort of a home-cooked meal and his favorite programming on the telly. Though not particularly thrilling, his life was utterly comfortable. That is, until one day, Wendy--his wife of twenty-eight years--asked for a divorce.

Wendy Winslow had spent her life doing exactly what was expected of her. She got an education, married a sensible man, birthed two lovely boys, raised them to adulthood, moved across the Atlantic to Colorado to be a part of their lives, and then...she had no idea what came next. Somehow, in the child-rearing and homemaking, she'd forgotten everything about herself and then some. Now living in a strange country with a life that felt anything like her own, she desperately needed to rewrite her story...and was fairly sure there was no room for Walter in it.

In a hail-Mary attempt to salvage their marriage, Walter proposed a three-month do-over in what he knew was Wendy's dream location: Paris. With contract in-hand, Walter makes the most terrifying leap of his life to chase the woman he thought he'd be with forever. But it may be too little, too late.

Yes And Kindle.jpg

He lost his ambition. She can't find her perspective. Will joining forces bring them the meaning they need?

College student Toby is desperate for direction. Pausing his higher education, he relocates to Portland and rents a townhouse in hopes of reconnecting to his roots. But he didn't expect his passion for soap operas to lead to the relationship he's always needed.

At eighty-seven-years-old, Jo's mind and body aren't what they used to be. But even at her senior age, she's sharp enough to know her nursing aids are after her generous family trust. So when a kind and honest young man moves in next door, she quickly enlists his help in catching the sneaky bandits.

Forging a deep connection with his elderly friend through their scheming, Toby finally lights upon his purpose. And with her partner in crime helping her navigate everyday adventures from roller skates and uneven ground to downtown parking, Jo rediscovers a joy she had long forgotten.

Will this unlikely duo unlock the secret of life?

I Can't Remember Final.jpg

Every night of her life is erased. But this time, her amnesia could have fatal consequences.

Mia Amari isn’t your average college student. Each day after 9:00 p.m., she’s unable to create new memories and must rely on friends and family to tell her what happened. But her disorder takes a horrific turn when she wakes up covered in blood and lying beside her murdered classmate.

Accused of killing the boy she was starting to have feelings for but powerless to provide an alibi, Mia dives into a terrifying hunt to clear her name. But with the real culprit still on the loose, what she can’t recall could be deadly.

Can Mia prove her innocence without becoming the next victim?

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