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Author Notes - Unreal

This series came to me in a split second while talking with friends over dinner. I know from comparing notes with other author friends that I’m not alone in this. One second you’re laughing at a comment about your husband’s Optometry practice, and the next, you’re imagining a world where everyone lives with retinal implantation. Isn’t that how everyone’s dinner conversations go?

Right. I’m well aware that I’m a weirdo, and while my friends and family have to put up with me zoning out abruptly in any given moment for undisclosed periods of time, I wouldn’t trade this odd brand of creativity for anything. Much like Channel, I delight in World Building. In imagining possibilities, struggles, and interesting dilemmas where Real characters can prove themselves. Learn. Grow. Become better humans. Ultimately teach us more about ourselves and who we hope to be.

I can regularly be found weeping over a book like Frederick the Mouse just as easily as any literary fiction novel or the heartbreaking finale of an epic fantasy series. I read everything. I love all stories (as long as they’re good ones. Ha!). But ultimately, I love how these stories help us all to connect.

Me and you.

Readers and other readers.

All lovers of stories and their secrets.

As John Steinbeck said, “A man who tells secrets or stories must think of who is hearing or reading, for a story has as many versions as it has readers. Everyone takes what he wants or can from it and thus changes it to his measure. Some pick out parts and reject the rest, some strain the story through their mesh of prejudice, some paint it with their own delight.”

So here is my open invitation to you, reader, for this book: Measure it. Strain it. Paint it. Because this story is much too big to live in my head alone.


xo Cindy G  

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