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Technical Requirements

These charts list the scales you are responsible for in each level. Under "Scales" you will see whether they need to go one octave (eight notes) or two octaves, which keys you need to learn, and whether they are HS (hands separately) or HT (hands together). You will also see a tempo - this tells you how fast you should be playing it. You'll also see other requirements for formula patterns (which key you need to play it in), chromatic scales (which note you need to start on), and the chords that are required for each key signature. All of these scales, chords, and patterns are taught on the technique page or by clicking the "Learn Scales" button above!

Grade 1

Requirements 1.jpg

Set your metrenome (or app) to 69 and then play in eighth notes - two notes for every beat

For broken triads, there will be three notes for every beat (with your metrenome set at 50). For solid, you will hit a chord every other beat.

Grade 2

Requirements 2.jpg

Same as above, except the speeds are now faster!

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